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Whether you are a new or a mature organization, I offer assistance to establish your policies and procedures (by-laws and/or articles of incorporation) so that they are ‘compliant, relevant, and timely’.   From annual consultations to monthly meeting support, I can help your business budget efficiently, manage and plan cash flows. Yellow Rose Tax & Financial Services offers bookkeeping / Treasurer  training along with assistance through the process (I am only a text/email/phone call away). I can also assist with the grant filing process from the review stage all the way to submission stage.  Protecting our clients when signing important documents is one of my priorities. Yellow Rose Tax & Financial Services offers notary services to verify the authenticity and to certify contracts. Keeping your organization in order and within the state and local guidelines is our mission and I am here to support you.

General ledger preparation

  • GL Setup for New Organizations

  • Bookkeeping Assistance

  • Basic Bookkeeping Training

Notary Service

  • Public Witness

  • Authenticity Verification

  • Certify Contracts

grant writing

  • Compliance Review

  • Proposal Submission

Sales Tax

  • Review & File

  • Sales Tax Permit

  • WebFile Capabilities

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